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Telephone: 207-512-5474

Mail orders: The Clothesline Shop LLC
                    24 South Rd.
                    Weeks Mills, Me. 04358

Note: We have learned the hard way that our replies to customer emails are frequently blocked by unwanted Email/SPAM filters. Considering the shear volume of junk email out there, we understand that SPAM filters are a necessary evil. Please note that we always answer emails within a day at the longest, but usually within an hour. If you do not see a reply, please check your SPAM filter.

An odd story.

We received several comments about the name of the town, (China) that we previously used as our address. China formally had three small post offices. Our township, "Weeks Mills" was one of them, but alas, no more. The closing of our post office is still a big sore spot to many of us around here, but such is life. Even though Weeks Mills is technically a township within the town of China, our zip code is now from the township of "South China." Then the postal service decided to change the name of the "China" post office to the "China Village" post office. Since that office is tiny, consisting only of PO Boxes and no rural delivery, the primary office became "South China." Confused? So were we for a while. To make an even longer and confusing story short, we are permitted to use any of the following town names on our mail; China, South China, Weeks Mills, or Branch Mills. The key is using the correct zip code which is 04358. After glancing at our address, a few customers got the impression that we are from the country of China. That is certainly understandable, so to eliminate customer confusion, we decided to use Weeks Mills as our physical address instead of China. Since we are actually located in Weeks Mills, it works well for us. The bottom line? Please rest assured that we are definitely located right here in the good ole USA.

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